Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Awkward Nacho Cheese

50 Shades of Awkward is a blog to make you feel better about your embarrassing and awkward moments. All the stories on here are real, told by real people and written by me!
I figure I can't start spilling stories of other people's awkward experiences without spilling at least one of mine. This awkward moment still makes me cringe a little inside to this day.
This took place last year during my first year of college. I remember it was that awkward time of the year when the weather couldn't decide if it wanted to be spring or hang onto winter. I wore my favorite, long-sleeved blue sweater. I loved this sweater because not only did it cover my arms, but the majority of my hands as well. I headed to my religion class, where I found out they were serving nachos for free at the front of the building! Gleefully I stood in line with the rest of the students and filled my bowl to the brim with chips.
I remember when I got to the girl who was pouring the cheese on the chips, she asked me how much I wanted. I smiled and held my bowl out declaring, "Lay it on there!" and she drenched my nachos in cheese.
Now, I should've known this was a bad idea from the start, because these weren't high-class chips, and the cheese just made them soggy. But whatever. They were free. I was a poor, starving college student.
I began walking to my religion class while eating the nacho cheese like a mad man. I had just turned the corner, when I heard someone calling my name.
I turned around.
And faced the absolutely gorgeous, beautiful, flawless boy I had met the day earlier.
I smiled, yelled his name in return, and waved
Then came to the realization of just how full my mouth was with chips.
And a river of cheese was dripping down my chin.
I didn't have a napkin, so I improvised quickly and decided to wipe my chin off with my arm . . . but the cheese met my favorite blue sweater instead. If I wasn't blushing before, I sure was now. Slowly, I looked up at him and met his beautiful eyes.
"You like the nachos, huh?"
Not as much as I like you, I thought, but instead managed to say, "Yeah . . . you getting some?"
"Yeah. That's why I'm standing in line."
I'm an idiot. Somehow I managed to finish the awkward small talk conversation and I took off jogging down the hallway towards my classroom, all while my backpack hit my butt uncomfortably. There is just no good way to run with a backpack on.
I was almost at the safety of my classroom and had walked in the door, when my teacher stopped me and said, "Oh, sorry, could you finish your nachos in the hallway? Or you can throw them away. We just can't have them in the classroom."
So I returned to the hallway and started to wander around.
I turned the corner,
and faced that  absolutely gorgeous, beautiful, flawless boy once again.
I ended up hiding in the bathroom to finish my nachos.

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